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1:1 Transformational Problem Solver ZEESHAN ARSHAD

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1:1 Conversation With Me → Brings Transformational Results

In less than an hour, dissected her inner fears and blow them up.


Best counselor she ever met, what books and videos couldn't for years, did it all in hours.


Shattered her camera fear and anxiety quickly, leaded her start creating online video course.


1:1 Mentorship with Me → Brings Following Benefits

  • 24/7 Access to Personal Skype/Whatsapp
  • Non-Judgemental Problem Listening & Guidance
  • Consultation for Technical & Social Media Issues
  • Gladiator Support for Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation
  • Ideas & Suggestions for More Business Revenue
  • Destruction for Social Fears and Insecurities
  • Accountability for Helping You Reach Your Destination Fast, Unstoppable Way
  • Coaching for Life and Business Growth
  • Service Assistance for Tech Issues

Conversation Fee: $2K

Duration: no time limitation

You can have a conversation with me and we'll work together to resolve the issue.

Mentorship Fee: $10K

Duration: monthly retainer

You must be a six-figure solopreneur / home-based business owner who is exhausted/stuck in life and business growth.

No Result? Take Your Money Back!

It's my duty to transform you into the next level beast. If you didn't get result by working with me I'll return your money back, period.

Ready to Discuss? Here is How to Reach Me

Just send me a direct message on Facebook and tell me what's happened to you (story, pain, situation, etc).

I'll read and review then initiate a chat with you to confirm if we can work together or not (yes, I will NOT accept you if I can't help you).

After this step, you'll pay the fee and I'll either start conversation OR start working together with you directly.

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