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Spiritual Wireless Treatment (SWT) with Quran

Cancer | Coronavirus | HIV / AIDS | Brain Damage | Congenital Blindness | Paralysis | Asthma | Diabetes | Thalassemia

Legendary Holy Quran of the Holy Mighty King of Universe

We reveal the Quran, which is cure and mercy for the believers; and it adds nothing to the unjust but loss. (Quran 17.82)

About Legendary Skill

This Legendary Skill of the 21st Century is based on the most powerful and advanced Islamic Spiritual Technology through which a freelancer can heal and cure the incurable patient spiritually and wirelessly using Holy Quran by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ)

Benefits of Legendary Skill

  • Heal incurable diseases without medicines (optionally can be used)
  • Remotely cure any patient in the world (no physical meeting is required)
  • Burn devils into ashes forever (if appointed against you by magicians)
  • Remove black magic effects (protection from magic)
  • Make money by healing patients (specially millionaires and billionaires)

Cure the Incurable

You can cure all kind of incurable diseases such as cancer, hiv/aid, brain damage, congenital blindness, paralysis, asthma, diabetes, thalassemia, physical disability, etc.

Mastermind Behind Skill

Moulana Abrar Alam is the Spiritual Muslim Saint behind it who has been curing the incurable patients for the last 20 years and also challenged non-Muslims of the world on Fire Immunity, Resurrection of Dead and Rise the Sun from West.

Remote Healing Results

When I become sick, He heals me. (Quran 26.80)

Legendary Freelancer's Legendary Skill for Curing the Incurable

Remotely Stabilized Unstable Saturation of Incruable Ventilator Patient Within 7 Hours & Eliminated BiPAP Machine Within Few Hours

The mother of Asim was in an incurable and unstable condition on a ventilator machine in a hospital in Lahore city, Pakistan. She had been in this critical state for the last 2 days, and medical doctors had already made all their best attempts to treat her without success.

When I personally visited the hospital and started work on her case with the help of my spiritual mentor, we activated the Legendary Cure process, which he had taught me. Despite the medical team's previous efforts, within 7 hours of our intervention, Asim's mother showed signs of stabilization. As we continued our work, her condition steadily improved, leading to the remarkable outcome of eliminating the BiPAP Machine (referred to as vent-off in the video) by the Mercy of Allah.

This significant progress and healing occurred over the course of 2 days during which my legendary spiritual mentor also utilized his Legendary Skill to bring about the positive changes in her condition. Our combined efforts and faith in the process brought a glimmer of hope to a situation that seemed otherwise incurable.

Remotely Healed Coronavirus Patient in 7 Days

The father-in-law of Nouman was affected by coronavirus. Previously, Nouman's mother-in-law had died from COVID-19 a few days ago, so they were very anxious and afraid. But by the Mercy of Allah, after contacting me, the case was handed over to my legendary spiritual team to take care of it. The case was from Karachi city of Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, within 7 days of working through this Legendary Skill, the coronavirus was eliminated and removed from the patient's physical human body.

Remotely Healed Incurable Ventilator Patient in 7 Days

The father of Atia was suffering from coronavirus in a hospital in Dubai for about 2-3 weeks. She posted about the condition of her father in a Facebook group through which I came to know about his father's case, and I approached her with my solution. After further discussion, the case was handed over to my spiritual team, and they started working with this Legendary Skill. By the mercy of Allah, Atia's father was healed within 7 days and came out from the ventilator machine.

Remotely Healed Incurable Brain Damage Patient in 30 Days

The father of Asim (whose mother was also handled in a hospital in an incurable condition) was suffering from incurable brain damage disease. According to medical doctors, the damage was irreversible. However, when this case was provided to my legendary spiritual mentor, he started working with this Legendary Skill. As a result, the condition of Asim's father started to improve, and within a month, he experienced more than 50% improvement. Afterward, an interview with Asim was taken and shared on my YouTube channel "Legendary Freelancer."

Frequently Asked Questions

They did not recognize ALLAH in His true esteem. Indeed ALLAH is Powerful, Mighty. (Quran 22.74)

Is it real?

Yes, it is a real skill, and all the results that you see on this page are real testimonials from people who have experienced benefits by the mercy of Allah.

Do I not need to meet any incurable patient physically for the purpose of performing healing and spiritual treatment?

Indeed, you do not need to meet any patient living anywhere in the world when you master this Legendary Skill and become an expert in curing incurable diseases by the Power of Allah, the God of Islam.

How long does it typically take to see results after acquiring the Legendary Skill?

A minimum of 3 days or less is the normal duration since the Legendary Cure Process will be utilized for 3 days. Therefore, the result must come within 3 working days, whether that is a few percent improvement or a significant percentage of improvement, depending on the level of the practitioner's righteous belief in Almighty King Allah.

Can the Legendary Skill be used to help with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression?

I have no direct experience with mental health patients using the Legendary Skill, so I cannot say anything in this regard. However, anxiety or depression are mostly related to either future or past related issues and can easily be solved mostly through conversations rather than using the Legendary Skill for it. In many of my cases when dealing with people suffering from mental health issues, solving their stress, giving relief, and healing emotional trauma were mostly related to mindset, and they were healed and improved through having one-on-one conversations with me. Therefore, I never used the Legendary Skill for that purpose. However, if Allah wills, He can cure or heal anxiety or depression instantly as well. Anything is possible for Allah when He intends to do something by His mercy for whomever He wills.

Are there any prerequisites or qualifications required to learn and utilize the Legendary Skill?

The minimum requirement is to be a "Muslim" of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) with respect of all Sahaba-e-Karam and Aulia Allah of Islam.

Is the Legendary Skill limited to a specific religion or belief system?

Yes, it is limited to only Muslims of Islam. It cannot be used by Atheists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Qadiani, Shia, etc.

Can the Legendary Skill be used to heal and cure pets or animals?

I did not directly utilize this Legendary Skill on curing and healing incurable pets or animals because I have my own other spiritual skills, abilities, and gifts from Allah for that purpose which I utilize. However, since this Legendary Skill is for curing the incurable patients and is the best and most powerful spiritual skill of my legendary spiritual mentor based on his overall life experience for curing the incurable patients remotely and wirelessly by the Power of Allah, I can say that if humans can be cured, then it should also work on natural creatures (e.g. pets, animals, insects, etc) which suffer through diseases, whether incurable or not, depending on the condition of the natural creatures.

How can I access the supplementary resources?

They are easily purchasable through general shops and stores; therefore, you should not have any issue or trouble purchasing the necessary equipment and resources required to perform the Legendary Cure Process for the purpose of healing and curing the incurable patients.

What sets the Legendary Skill apart from other healing practices or spiritual techniques?

While it is true that there are millions of spiritual healers, remote healers, magicians, and divine healers in almost every religion where vood is being practiced, yoga is being practiced, shamanism is being practiced, divine healings are being practiced, and so on, this Legendary Skill is from Moulana Abrar Alam the Grand Master of Spirituality of Islam. This Legendary Skill is not something ordinary that you can easily learn from any such gurus of other religions, not from all non-Muslims of the world at least because there is no non-Muslim on planet earth who can revive dead people back to life from their graves or from hospitals where dead people are kept in freezing condition. However, Moulana Abrar Alam the Master of this Legendary Skill has challenged all non-Muslims on resurrection of dead in the 21st century.

Is there any ongoing support or guidance provided after acquiring the Legendary Skill?

No, I do not provide any additional support because whatever I have learnt has been delivered in the crash course that you will purchase from me.

Can the Legendary Skill be used in conjunction with medical treatments or therapies?

Yes, for sure. If there is any patient being treated through medicines or therapies, you don't need to stop or prevent that. Let that be continued by the experts dealing with that patient no matter what. You can simply start and activate your Legendary Cure Process for that patient for the purpose of bringing healing and improvement. The best part of this Legendary Skill is the case which is completely declared "incurable" by medical doctors because that is when you can surely see the Power of Allah for curing the incurable diseases over such patient. It is one of the reasons why I have a strict rule of "100% incurable case" no chance of coincidence as it seems through medicines sometimes.

Are there any testimonials from individuals who have experienced significant transformations through the Legendary Skill?

I have already shared testimonials from clients or their relatives whose patients experienced improvement in their incurable health conditions.

Can the Legendary Skill be used to improve overall well-being and life satisfaction beyond physical healing?

It does also bring improvement in mental health conditions by burning the devils and jinns who affect the mindset and disturb the thoughts. So of course, it also improves emotional wellness and brings freshness in feelings and thoughts, and I have personally experienced it myself.

Are there any ethical considerations or guidelines to follow when using the Legendary Skill on others?

What else can I say more than this that just have a good intention to heal and benefit those who are suffering through incurable diseases, and if you have enough wealth by the mercy of Allah, then try to heal and benefit those who suffer through their incurable diseases without asking them any fee for their spiritual treatment. That's it! And yes, don't consider discrimination of Muslim vs non-Muslim when working on their incurable cases. You may consider yourself as a Spiritual [Freelancer / Healer / Doctor] so that you can treat people as your patients regardless of their race/color/size/religion/country/gender, etc.

Can the Legendary Skill be passed on or taught to others, or is it exclusive to the practitioner who acquires it?

You can pass and share the knowledge with anyone whomsoever you will, whether you do it for free or teach it for a fee, that's up to you! I have no concern in this regard.

Can the Legendary Skill be used for remote healing and spiritual treatment across different time zones?

Yes, it does not matter. Whether the incurable or normal patient is sleeping or not, living anywhere in the world, they will get benefit through it. What matters is your efforts anytime when you will be performing based on the knowledge you will have from this Legendary Skill forever.

Are there any specific practices or rituals that should be observed while using the Legendary Skill?

You will be provided a procedure, knowledge, verses of the Holy Quran, and other information regarding this within the crash course that you will go through to learn.

Can the Legendary Skill be utilized for self-healing and personal growth, or is it primarily for helping others?

Of course, you can utilize it for yourself as well. Whether you do benefit others or just yourself is your own decision.

Can I make money selling healing services based on this Legendary Skill?

Absolutely! If you become expert in bringing healing in incurable patients through this Legendary Skill by the Power of ALLAH then you can utilize your skill for sustaining your family and demand whatever price rate you desire from your customers, it is solely up to you and them.

How much should I charge for selling healing services?

Well, that is completely up to you because whether you offer your healing services for free (fee-sabeelillah for the sake of Allah) or ask $100 dollars or $1K USD or even $100K, it is your own decision since you will be healing their incurable diseases by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ)

Do I need any kind of certification from Legendary Freelancer?

Nope! You are free to utilize this Legendary Skill and you NEVER need any kind of certification from Legendary Freelancer. But if you intend to have one, then you can request me to provide it to you in exchange of a payment of just $5000 usd and I will provide you a digital certificate with my own personal signature. However, you must provide me practical proofs on healing incurable patients otherwise not. I don't want to assign such certificates to everyone for money, not even to those who have only consumed the knowledge but never practiced and became faithful and righteous believer of Allah to be able to heal the incurable patients remotely & spiritually.

Can I interview you for my TV Channel, Podcast or YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can request for my interview. If you want to schedule it then simply message me with clear details and requirements by mentioning the reason of interview and also provide your proper introduction so that I will know who you are, and why you want to interview me for your TV/Podcast/YouTube channel.


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