Legendary Cure

For improving, healing and transforming incurable patient within a week through spiritual wireless system by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ)

Ventilator (ICU / CCU)
Corona Virus (all waves)
Cancer (1st - 3rd stage)
Brain Damage
Congenital Blindness
Physical Disability

Application Form

Zeeshan [Legendary Freelancer]

Spiritual Wireless Treatment Results

At Home Corona Patient Wirelessly Cured in 7 Days (Dec 2020)

Location: Karachi, Pakistan)

Ventilator Corona Patient's Saturation Wirelessly Stabilized in 7-Hours (June 2020)

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Ventilator Corona Patient's Damaged Kidneys Wirelessly Cured in 24-Hours (May 2020)

Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

How it Works

1) Please fill out the incurable patient treatment application form

2) You'll be contacted back if the incurable case will be approved

3) Upon confirmation, you'll deposit spiritual wireless treatment service fee

4) Spiritual wireless treatment process will begin* from the next day of payment

4) You'll be in personal contact with legend until the duration** of treatment

* Within 7-days, incurable patients experience more than 20% healing and improvement but miraculous result happen only by the Will of ALLAH (اللہ)

** Result will be decided with new medical test report after spiritual wireless treatment process is done

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Important Rules / Notes

  • This service is being offered for curing the incurable diseases
  • Patient should be declared incurable by medical doctors
  • Medical doctors shouldn't stop their efforts if the incurable patient is undergoing treatment through them during spiritual wireless treatment process (specially if the case is related to ventilator machine)
  • Don't expect prevention of death since it is under Control of ALLAH (اللہ)

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Legend of ALLAH (اللہ)