Legendary Cure

Spiritual treatment service for healing incurable patients wirelessly by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ)

Zeeshan [Legendary Freelancer]

Spiritual Wireless Treatment Results

Coronavirus & Symptoms Wirelessly Cured in 7 Days (Karachi, Pakistan)

Corona CCU Patient's Saturation Wirelessly Stabilized Within 7-Hours (Lahore, Pakistan)

Corona ICU Patient's Damaged Kidneys Wirelessly Cured Within 24-Hours (Peshawar, Pakistan)

Interview of Patient's Relatives

Free Service: Send your critical ventilator patient's name, city and details of current condition to request free prayers from legend and gift any amount when you get improvement and healing by ALLAH (اللہ) The King of Miracles, The King of Healing and The King of Universe.

Paid Service: If you want professional spiritual wireless treatment for your incurable patient's with a guaranteed improvement, there will be service fee and this work will be done by a Professional Spiritual Healer and Muslim Scholar Moulana Abrar Alam. Send your incurable patient's name, mother's name, city and medical test reports by getting in touch if you need help.


Legendary Freelancer