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Here are rules and ways to contact and connect with me:

If you are Suicidal / Jobless: Message me on Facebook only on Sundy. I will give you 10-minutes on Facebook call and you can talk to me personally regarding any of your issue. Make sure to send me a well-written proper message starting with keyword "JOBLESS" so I'll know the reason of your message.

If you are Student: Purchase my crash courses on Udemy and learn through them.

If you are Professional: Purchase my mentoring service through Fiverr then you can talk to me personally.

If you are Journalist: Message me on Facebook with proper introduction of yourself and your TV / Media channel and the purpose of interview.

If you are Incurable Patient: Contact Hajira Rohani Elaj Center for the purpose of your spiritual treatment because I am no longer offering spiritual healing and treatment services to public.

If you are Event Organizer: Before inviting me at your event, keep in mind that I'm an Advocate of Freelancing with ALLAH (اللہ) and a well-rounded professional who promote being "Jack-of-All-Trades" instead of just specialist of one skill therefore I do speak what is uncommon. If that is acceptable to you then feel free to message me through Facebook otherwise not, thank you!


Zeeshan Arshad - Legendary Freelancer


This website will help you learn multiple skills through crash courses, watch the miracles demonstrated with the Help of Allah and witness the truth of Islam in 21st century of modern science & technology.

This website will also help you become more powerful and confident in your life physically, spiritually, technically, emotionally and financially through available resources.


Zeeshan Arshad

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